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» Taxi Tours, A division of DHANVI TOURIZM Groups, Taxi Tours is an online travel portal that provides Hotel | Cottage | Resort | Cab / Taxi Bookings and also offers Honeymoon Packages, Shimla Manali Tour Packages, Delhi Shimla Volvo Services, Trekking & Camping, Adventure Activity Tours, Group Tours and Family Tour Packages to various famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.
» On guests part providing his/her personal information likewise E-Mail ID, Contact Number and other Contact Addresses if any which are mainly required to send receive information to end from guest to confirm a booking or to sell a package will be kept confidential and Taxi Tours will not disclose it to any except the core concerns. The use of our web site is at customers own consent; whereas Taxi Tours may use this information periodically for promotional programs.
» If customer visits our web sites through our referral sites or associates than Taxi Tours may use your personal information to produce promotional programs or for business endorsements.
» Taxi Tours may monitor use of its web site and may collect information about user IP address, your location, web browser, pages viewed and time on site to avoid any suspicious activity or to understand our customer's interest. Taxi Tours also may use call recording and monitoring service from performance optimization point of view.
» Taxi Tours is an open to all online travelling portal and it does not intend to offer any booking service to children`s who are under the age of 18 years. Coping content is strictly prohibited, Where as the content and information on the web site if help full from education or statistics point of view can be used by children's under the guidance of guardians as nothing illicit or no adult content is published on the web site.
» User / travellers may stop accessing our website / online Services or unsubscribe to our promotional programs / product & services. But, if any reservation or booking is made through Taxi Tours than it has to be dealt as per schedule or has to meet our Cancellation / Reservations policy. We are Services Providers and we provide services on as is or is as basis. Traveller | Guests | User are advised to read the policy before use. Hence the use of our website, product & services are at customers own risk.
» If guest or our customers have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at –

» Taxi Tours is an online Travel Portal which works on providing Hotel | Resort | Cottage, Taxi / Cab Service and Tour Package Booking`s with reference to information and services provided by Holier, Resort & Cottages Property Holders.
» Taxi Tours has no hold on Hotels | Resorts and Cottages provided under a booking or in a Tour Package and cannot warranty accuracy or error free services on property holders / owner's part (Delay in service).
» Taxi Tours does not warranty that the content provided in form of text & figure is error free, absolute, up to date and accurate therefore deliberately disclaims any / all warranties. As product & service are provided on as is | is as basis. Taxi Tours also hold no warranty on location, site offered in a Tour Package or Trekking Route, Hotels, Resorts & Cottage, conveyance offered in terms of transportation are risk free consequently disclaims all warranties. In any sense, no warranty is liable on any services offered if remained unused due to travelling time, traffic jams, landslides and natural calamities and so on images published and items shown on the web site will be same at the time of check in, actual images may differ or while availing services and if some of service in booking or in a package remains unused no refund and no adjustment will be made.
» Taxi Tours does not warranty that the web site or e-mails send from our end would be error free or carry no warms thus disclaims any damage happened to customers computer, laptop, mobile and to any other tool. On customer's part, customers are requested to use standard anti-virus in his/her accessing device to avoid any damage. Taxi Tours does not intend to sell or offer any services to children's under the age of 18. Minors are requested to not make any booking or practice any tour package. Coping of content is strictly prohibited. All users / guests / customers are requested to not to make any suspicious, unlawful activity as content publishing party may be monitoring the use of its web site for optimization and to avoid any illicit activity. Hence the use of our website and product & services is at own risk.
» Taxi Tours reserve the right to change or modify any of its published policies, disclaimers and content in terms of text & figure, images and tour packages. Changes will be in force immediately after publishing it on site. Users are requested to assess the policies time to time.

In case of any dispute the same will be dealt in shimla jurisdiction and no charges will be beared by Taxi Tours in terms travelling expenses and time consumed during the court session's User has to bear all expenses on his part.

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