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Hello sir,
It was a great journey as service was good, low cost of cab, cab operators are also good, Picking and dropping and the most important point that the cab operator was punctual. We have enjoyed the trip a lot.
Thanks to you and your team.

Mr. Raj Kumar Sewani

+91 xxxxx 45x63

Dear Sir.
We were very happy with the drivers and the 02 Innova that you provided; our trip would have been a little more fruitful had your drivers been more aware of the roads in Himachal. We often got lost which resulted in long hours of driving. My suggestion would be you provide each car with a road map so as to avoid getting lost and a list of places of interest they could be visited during the tour. It would benefit both parties.Your drivers were very cooperative and helpful.
We had a good trip.
Thank you for providing the facilities to make this tour a success.

Mr. Arindom Mondal
+91 xxxxx 02x76

Great Service. Recommended to all my friends for your great service. Good conditions vehicle and expert driver with excellent sightseeing locations.

Mr. Balasaheb Thube

+91 xxxxx 86x69

Dhanvi Tourism organized taxi hire for my Himachal Tour from 2nd to 6th May,2016.Taxi picked us from Pathankot and further enabled our most enjoyable journey to number of places of tourist attractions namely Palampur, Vaijnath, Chamunda Devi Temple, Dholadhar Nature Park, Captain Satish Kalia Memorial Park, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Dalhousi, Khajjiar,Kalatop and many other spots.Our Taxi driver Shree Rajkumar was one of the most pleasant person I have come across as Taxi Driver. He was co operative ,respectful and a well informed gentleman.Taxi was in excellent shape, never broke down on the way. Thank you Dhanvi Travel to make our trip memorable. I recommend Dhanvi Travels to all those who are planning trip to Himachal Pradesh.

Dr Virendra J Mahadik

+91 xxxxx 98x07

Our stay was good and nice at the hotels selected. Overall a nice stay with family for two three days.

Mr. Manoj Upreti

I want to thank you and Dhanvi Tourism for arranging this great and beautiful trip for us.
I really appreciate all the arrangements done which was very fantastic, the transport was excellent and the hotel arrangements were excellent. The payment modes/options were very easy and as per my convenience.
I will always recommend Dhanvi Tourism to my friends and colleagues and i will myself use your services for my future travelling.

Mr. Abhisek Chakravorty

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